Uganda East African Tourist Visa

Embark on a journey of discovery through the heart of East Africa with the Uganda East African Tourist Visa. This special visa opens the door to a world of breathtaking landscapes, rich cultures, and unparalleled wildlife experiences across three of the continent's most vibrant countries: Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda.

Designed exclusively for tourists, the visa simplifies your travel, allowing you to explore the diverse beauty of these nations with ease and flexibility.

What is Uganda East African Tourist Visa?

The Uganda East African Tourist Visa is a unique travel visa that enables visitors to explore three of East Africa's most popular destinations—Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda—using just one visa.

This visa is intended for travellers who wish to take in the different cultures, environments, and wildlife of these countries without the need to obtain separate visas for each nation.

Features of Uganda African Tourist Visa

Here are some key features of the Uganda East African Tourist Visa:

  • Multiple-Entry Visa: It allows multiple entries into Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda, offering flexibility for travellers who wish to move freely between these countries during their visit.
  • Cost-Effective: The East African Tourist Visa is more economical than purchasing individual visas for each country. It offers value for money, especially for travellers intending to visit multiple destinations within East Africa.
  • Purpose: It is intended solely for tourism purposes. Uganda EAT visa does not permit activities such as employment, study, or any business-related activities.
  • Application Process: Travelers can apply for this visa online or at any embassy or consulate in Uganda, Kenya, or Rwanda. The application requires basic travel documents, including a valid passport, passport-size photos, and the visa fee. Additional documentation, such as travel itineraries and proof of accommodation, may also be requested.

This visa is an excellent option for those looking to experience the beauty and diversity of East Africa with minimal bureaucratic hassle, making it easier and more convenient to enjoy a multi-country tour within this vibrant region.

Uganda East African Tourist Visa (Purpose of Visit)

The Uganda East African Tourist Visa (EAT Visa) is a versatile entry permit designed to enhance the travel experience across Uganda for various types of visitors, each with their distinct travel needs. Whether you're embarking on a business trip, reuniting with family, pursuing educational endeavours, or simply exploring the beauty of Uganda, the EAT Visa accommodates your journey's purpose with ease.

  • Conference: Supports attendees of conferences, symposiums, or similar events that emphasise academic, professional, or cultural development and exchange.
  • Family Visit (For Former Ugandans or Relatives of Ugandans): Aims to reconnect individuals with their roots or loved ones living in Uganda, ensuring families can come together across distances.
  • Family Visit (For Visiting Foreign Nationals): Enables visitors to stay close to foreign nationals residing in Uganda, strengthening bonds despite geographical separations.
  • Medical: Provides access to Uganda's medical facilities for those needing treatment or medical consultations, prioritising health and well-being.
  • Returning Citizen: Exclusively for Ugandan nationals returning home after time spent abroad, welcoming them back to their homeland.
  • Returning Resident: For non-Ugandan residents looking to resume their lives or fulfil ongoing commitments within Uganda, ensuring a smooth re-entry.
  • Tourism: Perfect for adventurers eager to delve into the heart of Uganda, from its rich cultural traditions and stunning vistas to the unparalleled diversity of its flora and fauna.
  • Transit: Facilitates hassle-free transit for travellers from Uganda to other destinations, ensuring a smooth and efficient journey.
  • Business: Tailored for professionals engaging in meetings, conferences, or business-related activities, offering a seamless entry for commerce and trade discussions.
  • Study: Designed for students and academics looking to enrol in educational programs or engage in research activities, fostering academic growth and collaboration.

Essential Documentation for the Uganda East African Tourist Visa Application

Applying for the Uganda East African Tourist Visa, which grants access to Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda, involves preparing key documents. These documents are crucial for the application process and must meet the specific requirements of the visa authorities. Below is a comprehensive guide to the documents you'll need:

  • Passport Copy: Must be valid for at least 6 months after your travel date. Include a copy of the bio-data page.
  • Recent Passport-Sized Photo: Ensure it meets the visa-issuing authority's specific requirements (size, background colour).
  • Certificate of Immunisation against Yellow Fever: Needed when departing from or passing through some areas.
  • Return Ticket or Itinerary: Proof of planned departure from the host countries, such as a return flight ticket or a detailed itinerary.
  • Travel Itinerary: A schedule of your trip, including flights, accommodations, and activities, to demonstrate your travel plans.

It's important to remember that the required documents can vary based on the applicant's nationality, the purpose of the visit, and specific requirements of the visa-issuing authority.

Always double-check for updated information on all the requirements for your visa application.

Step by Step application process for Uganda East African Tourist Visa

Applying for the Uganda East African Tourist Visa, which grants access to Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda, is a straightforward process through the Uganda visa website. Here's a simplified step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Access the Uganda visa website

Visit the website and choose "Apply eVisa" to begin your visa application process.

Step 2: Read and Agree to the Disclaimer

Carefully read and agree to the conditions outlined in the disclaimer, which include essential details about the application process, fees, and entry requirements.

Step 3: Registration

At the beginning of your e-Visa application form, you must fill in vital registration information, including basic details such as your name, email address, contact number, and expected arrival date.

Step 4: Choose Your Visa Type

Select the appropriate visa type ("Tourist Visa" for the East African Tourist Visa), along with the relevant category and sub-category based on your travel purpose.

Step 5: Fill Out the Application Form

Complete the application form with your personal and travel information, passport details, and planned itinerary.

Step 6: Upload Necessary Documents

Attach all required documentation, such as a copy of your passport, a recent photo, proof of yellow fever vaccination (if applicable), your return ticket, and your travel itineraries. An application ID will be assigned to your reference.

Step 7: Payment and Conformation

If your application requires an upfront payment, pay the visa fee using the provided payment options on the website portal.

Step 8: Approval of your application

Upon successful approval, an email containing your approval letter will be sent to you. If any additional documents are needed, our support team will get in touch with you through your registered email or phone number.

Uganda East African Tourist Visa Validity

The Uganda East African Tourist Visa grants travellers access to a trio of vibrant East African countries: Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda. Here’s what you need to know about its validity:

Validity Period:

  • The visa has a validity period of 3 months from the issue date.
  • It permits multiple entries into Uganda, Kenya, and Rwanda within these three months.

Non-Extendable Visa:

  • Once issued, the visa's duration cannot be extended.
  • Travellers must leave their countries before their visa expires to avoid legal issues.

Uganda East African Tourist Visa Fee

The fee for an Uganda East African Tourist (EAT) Visa can differ based on several factors, including the visa category, the applicant's nationality, the number of entries, and the chosen processing speed.

To accurately determine the cost tailored to your needs, you must use the fee-checking tool on the Uganda visa feepage. This convenient tool lets you quickly ascertain and confirm the visa fee according to your criteria.

What is the processing time for Uganda EAT?

The processing duration for the Uganda East African Tourist Visa is subject to variation and dependent on several factors, including how thoroughly the application is filled out and the prevailing workload of the immigration authorities.

Typically, applicants can expect a processing window of 4-7 business days. Selecting a processing speed that aligns with your travel timeline and budget considerations. Note that faster processing times come at a higher cost.

Available Processing Options:

  • Standard Processing: This is the cheapest option, requiring anywhere from 4-7 working days to process without additional fees. It's best suited for travellers with flexible itineraries.
  • Urgent Processing: For travellers needing their visa on shorter notice, urgent processing is available, reducing the wait time to 3-5 working days for an added fee.
  • Super Urgent Processing: Designed for emergencies where the clock is ticking, the super urgent processing option guarantees visa approval within 2-4 working days at a premium cost.

Choosing the appropriate processing speed guarantees that your trips stay on schedule while managing your budget efficiently.

How can I renew my Uganda East African Tourist Visa?

The Uganda East African Tourist Visa offers a one-time validity of 90 days from its issuance date. It does not provide the option for renewal or extension after its expiration or once the allotted 90-day stay is completed. Visa holders must exit the participating countries upon the visa's expiry or after utilising the full duration of their stay. They can reapply for a new visa only after a specified waiting period has passed.

Non-renewable and Non-Extendable:

  • Valid for a one-time period of 90 days from issuance.
  • It cannot be renewed or extended post-expiry or after a 90-day stay.

Travellers looking to extend their stay beyond the 90 days in Uganda or any nation accessible through the East African Tourist Visa must seek alternative visa options, such as business or work visas, designed for longer durations.

Frequently asked questions:

The Uganda East African Tourist Visa is a specialised visa designed for tourists who wish to explore Uganda and its neighbouring East African countries, specifically Kenya and Rwanda, with a single visa. This initiative aims to simplify travel within the region, making it more accessible and appealing for international visitors.

The entire application procedure begins with accessing the Uganda visa website. Applicants must agree to a disclaimer, register an account, and select the East African Tourist Visa option. Then, they complete the application, attach the required files, and send the application and payment. Once payment is confirmed, the application undergoes processing. Approval notifications are emailed, and the visa must be printed and presented upon arrival.

This visa enables you to travel freely between these 3 countries for tourism purposes for up to 90 days. It's a great way to explore this beautiful and diverse region of Africa. The Uganda East African Tourist Visa covers the following countries:

  • Uganda
  • Kenya
  • Rwanda

Among the numerous documents that applicants must submit are a current passport with at least 6 months left, a recent passport-sized photo, a travel itinerary, hotel reservations, and the yellow fever vaccination verification. Additionally, digital copies of these documents must be uploaded for online applications as part of the application process.